Dalstrong Gladiator Series Steak Knives Review

The Dalstrong Steak knife is a one of a kind steak knife that has been assembled using the latest technology to put together a sturdy, highly dependable yet affordable culinary knife. This steak knife falls under the Gladiator series which are famously known for their durability and strength.

-Highly Durable German Carbon Steel
The Dalstrong Steak Knife comes with a robust and highly durable German carbon steel blade. This type of steel doesn’t undergo any form of rusting when exposed to chemicals or water.
-Perfectly Engineered Serrations

It comes with exceptionally engineered 18 degrees serrations. These serrations function by providing an even cutting pattern. With this in mind, you no longer have to be worried about cutting uneven steak sections anymore.
-Highly Durable Pakkawood Handle

The Dalstrong Steak Knife comes with a black handle from Pakkawood. This imported handle provides you a maximum grip when it comes to cutting down your steak. Also, the wood is highly durable and provides maximum comfort throughout the cutting process.
-Triple-rivet Design

When it comes to resistance, this knife encompasses a triple-rivet design along the handle bar. This triple rivet feature perfectly holds the blade to the handle bar hence allowing you to cut your steak smoothly and perfectly.
-Rounded Blade Tip

Unlike other types of knives which have a sharp tip, this Dalstrong gladiator steak knife comes with a rounded blunt tip. This rounded tip is of great importance since it minimizes accidental piercing.
-Rockwell 55

This gladiator series steak knife comes with a hardness Rockwell scale of 55. What this simply means is that the durability nature of this knife is unmatched. With this in mind, you can easily use this knife to cut and trim even the toughest steak.
-Satin Handle

This knife comes with a hand polished cutting blade which increases its durability. Not only that, but the cutting blade also comes with a satin finish for maximum attractiveness.
-It’s incredibly sharp and guarantees you maximum services.
-You can easily store it with other tabletop utensils.
-You don’t need to re-sharpen this knife upon and after purchase.
-It’s precisely balanced to guarantee you an even cutting experience.
-It’s precisely tapered to ensure maximum flexibility and minimal slicing resistance.
-It comes with an ergonomic handle that provides you with the utmost comfort when slicing down your steak.
-It’s highly attractive thanks to the satin finish and the engraved center rivet.
-It comes with a polished booster which provides maximum counterbalance when cutting through different steaks.
-It’s highly durable.

-At 1.9 pounds, some users may find this knife too heavy for them.
Customer Reviews
On Amazon, a total of 196 customers have reviewed and rated this knife accordingly. On average, this Dalstrong steak knife has a total of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars. This positive feedback simply means that this Dalstrong knife is no doubt a quality culinary product.

From perfectly secured rivets to a razor sharp blade, this Dalstrong steak knife is most definitely a must-have for each and every person who loves quality at a friendly price. If you don’t have this knife yet, make an effort of getting it, and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.