How to Store Steak Knives Properly

How To Store Steak KnivesKeeping a sharp knife for steaks and meats is important, unless you enjoy hacking away at your dinner and getting tennis elbow. Sharpening them is a hassle, and often time consuming. One thing many people forget about keeping your knives sharp, is that you need to know how to store them properly. Proper storage can help preserve the blade, prevent it from getting dull prematurely, and keep them looking great for much longer!

Most kitchens will use one of three popular storage methods. Some use a drawer, a block on the counter, or a magnetic strip along the wall. All of these storage possibilities can be safe or harmful on your knives depending on how you do it. We’ll talk about the best ways to store your knives in each of the scenarios, and then go over a few easy tips and tricks to keep you on the right track.

Inside of a Drawer

This is probably the safest for people place to store knives, especially in a house with children or nosy pets. Plus, you have easy access to your utensils all in one convenient place. However, a drawer is also the most harmful place to store your knives when it comes to their quality. Bumping around in the drawer will cause them to clatter against one another, or the sides of the drawer, and dull them. At times, they can even become chipped or rough along the blade, making them less functional.

If you want to store your knives in a drawer, make sure you have gotten some form of protection for the blade. A knife sleeve, an in-drawer holder, even some DIY methods are great for protecting that sharp edge of your knife. Make sure that it stays either secure in one spot to avoid bumping around, or protect the blade.

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Attached to the Wall

Out of all of your options, this one has been said to be the best way to store your knives. It’s attractive, easy to see and use, and very safe for your utensils. In fact, it is the preferred storing method in most large kitchens, in and out of home. Don’t be fooled, though. You can still hurt your knives by storing them without proper care, even on a magnetic strip.

A magnetic pull that is too strong or too weak can set you up for accidents where the knife can either fall and clatter to the floor or counter, or be pulled so hard by the magnetic force that it slaps the strip and chips. Make sure you aren’t putting the knife away on the magnetic strip with the sharp edge touching first. Instead, place the back of the knife where it is dull and somewhat rounded, so if there is a hard snap backwards, your sharp blade is protected. It’s a good idea not to put anything too important under hanging knives, either, just in case they slip off of the magnetic strip and crash down.

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A Block on the Counter

Storing your knives in a container on your counter seems like a good idea, and it does work for many homes. However, in addition to potential safety downsides, you’re faced with other problems such as not enough slots that fit your blades, it gets in the way, and the ones that come with standard knife sets are usually low quality. The typical style of a container for your knives is a slanted angle, where you can slide your knives in and out of small slits in the wood or materials.

If you are using one of these storage blocks, pay attention to how you slide your knife in. Don’t press against the wood with the sharp blade. Instead, guide the knife in by leading with the dull side. You should also try to avoid accidentally jabbing the top into the container too many times. You’ll blunt the end of it.

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Tips & tricks to follow!

Want more ideas? Here are some extra ways you can store and properly protect your steak knives from damage!

  • Store your knives in a bag designed for them! This is great for traveling, or just keeping them out of the way and protected at home.
  • Use a wall-mounted knife storage block rather than one that sits on the counter and in the way.
  • Never put them away while they are still damp. Dry them thoroughly and don’t leave them in standing water.
  • When cutting things, make sure your blade isn’t hitting hard, harmful surfaces repeatedly or your blade will dull.

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